Vision and Mission

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Excellence in the fields of computing at the national and regional levels.


The College of Computer Engineering and Sciences, at Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, is working on preparation of qualified and competitors graduates at the national and regional levels through the provision of academic programs that are compatible with quality standards, encouragement of scientific research, and building of community partnerships.

  • CM1: Preparing highly qualified and competitive graduates in computing filed
  • CM2: Introducing the compatible academic programs with quality standards
  • CM3: Conducting the scientific research
  • CM4: Providing services for the society

1.  Sincerity: quality and excellence in performance.

2.  Transparency and Justice: documentation and dissemination of regulations and procedures, and fair treatment  for all.

3.  Teamwork: working in team, cooperation among all employees of the college, with the delineation of  


4. Creativity and Innovation: providing an environment for caring and encouraging creativity and innovation.

5.  Professional Ethics : commitment to professional ethics .

Strategic Objectives

I-Development of Learning and Teaching
1. Adoption of educational philosophy that compatibles with  the College specialization.
2. Development of study programs  to be compatible with the labor market requirements and community needs.

3.Building an academic advising system at the College.

4.Increasing the number and diversity of specialized textbooks.

II- Development of Teaching Staff and Supportive Administrative Cadres
1. Providing qualified faculty members holding a doctorate degree.
2. Developing the skills of faculty members.
3. Encouraging faculty members to outstanding performance in  teaching.
4. Development of administrative and supportive technical staff.

III- Giving Importance to Student Activities and Developing their Skills
1.  Development of human skills for students.
2.  Development of mechanisms to encourage students for excellence.
3.  Organizing and structuring student activities.
4.  Establishment of the knowledge club at the College.

IV- Application of Quality Standards and Achievement of Academic  

1. Application of quality standards.
2.  Achievement of Academic Accreditation Nationally and Internationally.

V-Encouraging Scientific Research
1. Creating a favorable environment for scientific research.
2. Linking scientific research to the needs of the labor market.
3. Engaging students in funded scientific research.

VI- Contribution to Community Service and Building Local and International Partnerships
1. Activating community partnerships.
2. Building academic partnerships with similar local and international  colleges.
3. Establishment of expertise houses to meet the needs of the community in the fields of college specialization.


  • Introduce nationally and internationally competitive educational programs.
  • Provide the market with qualified professionals.
  • Instantiate recognized research groups and centers.
  • Create an encouraging academic environment for staff.
  • Provide consultancy and collaboration with industry and society.
  • Participate in the development of the national economy.
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