Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit

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Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit


Within the framework of the College sought to meet the national and global accreditation standards (NCAAA and ABET) a committee was formed to ensure quality of College programs in the academic year 1430-1431 H. Then a decision has been issued to convert it  to a unit to improve the quality and provide assistance and support to the academic departments for completing plans to improve quality  and coordinating the overall strategies for developing quality assurance. Since that time the Unit remained working on the collection and analysis of evidences and information and reporting on quality assurance developments at the College. Generally, quality practices and evaluation processes can be defined as continuous operations for collection of data and information, analysis and interpretation to determine the extent achieved by the objectives of the educational process of the programs. Programs’ evaluation aims to see whether academic programs achieved their purpose in supporting students’ learning and developing their skills.

As a continuation to the previous effort the College during the academic years 1433-1436H has formed a group of committees, teams and units, which began their tasks across multiple axes simultaneously, where most of the faculty members participate, in order to achieve development and quality standards. Thus, action mechanisms have been developed in accordance with the requirements of NCAAA, taking into account the global professional standards set by ABET.

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