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We welcome you to our department, and hope that this website acquaints you with who we are and what we do, whether you are a student, a parent or a job seeker

The profession of computer engineering has been and continues to be one of the most challenging and rewarding ones of modern society. And we believe that the time is just right to start your career as a computer hardware or software engineer. The graduates of our sister departments have received strong offers from prominent companies, and many of those graduates have been accepted by top universities all over the world to pursuit graduate studies.

We are proud to be ranked   university at the national and regional levels for long time, and we intend to maintain this supremacy, and that is why we strive for continuous improvement and innovation, which is clear from the first curriculum to be crafted; as we introduce a new concentration area to fill in a growing gap in the field technologies, and that is the storage systems. We are proud to be the first department to offer such an option, which came in response to the growing role of such systems and the hardware/software complex interactions.

Dr. Ali Abuagoub , Associate Professor
Chairman, Department of Computer Engineering

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