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The rapid progress in the fields of computer, communication and Information technology is necessary in different fields of life and is also basic elements of other sciences. The life of human has become a bundle of electronic packets serving different aspects.

Such importance that caused a movement of development and progress in many countries, makes it essential for the scientist and expert in the whole world to race with the time in order to reach the latest developments in this field. This importance was realized by the government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which sought to keep pace with the development by establishing specialized colleges, educational institutions and research centers to produce a generation expert in controlling and developing the technology, and playing some role in other sciences.

College of Computer Engineering & Sciences, Salman Bin Abdulaziz University, through its three departments (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Information System) and with the support and supervision of his Excellency Rector of the university, seeks to achieve its objective by offering education with competitive quality, developing research field, serving the community by attracting prominent faculty, offering programs with advanced study plans, providing suitable training for students through graduation projects and field training in addition to other programs like activities, conferences, seminars intended for building the personality of the student so that he can effectively participate in the renaissance of his country, develop specialized fields of science and technology and be proactive in community service.   



College of Computer Engineering & Sciences
Dr. Mohammed Bin Battah Alshammari


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